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Traditional food in Croatia, old cuisine recipes...

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From the old times of Dalmatian cuisine originates the story about the Pršut (smoked ham) from Drniš, as the most respected Prsut in Croatia , and beyond. If you didn't know, it was a delicasy even on the British Royal Court since ages. That these are not only rumors, we proved with Prsut from our own production which collected many prizes. Best complement to Prsut is cheese, either cow or sheep, and the bread baken under the Peka, known from ancient times.

One of the most famous meals of this area are baken under the Peka ( lamb, veal, chicken) with potatoes, and various cooked meals.

Times are changed, but the recipes and technology of preparing meals has left same at our house.Always fresh natural ingridients, and the oldfashion ways in preparing them is our secret.

With good meal, you can't resist a glass of good wine, prepared from grapes grown in our own wineyards, kept for wine fans with special treathment.



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